Best traditional advice – Prunes for Constipation

In the past, older people would often say that taking prunes for constipation is an effective remedy. Most kitchens are stocked with prunes in case someone needs constipation relief. Basically, prunes are dried European plums. Chewy and tasty prunes for constipation is one of the most well-liked solutions by many people. According to history, plums have been dried in areas around Caspian Sea. People practiced drying plums thousands of years ago in that region. Presently, prunes are mainly produced in California; however, prunes are commonly sold in groceries.

Prunes and their health benefits

Prunes for constipation provides good relief because the colon is assisted by the insoluble fibers in the fruit. It is important for constipated individuals to add bulk to their stools which can be provided by prunes. In fact, the insoluble fibers of prunes serve as food for friendly bacteria in the large intestine.Studies illustrates that when these bacteria stimulates the fermentation of prunes, butyric acid is created. Butyric acid is a short-chain fatty, it’s also the source of fuel of cells inside the large intestine. Aside from the butyric acid, additional fuel like propionic and acetic acid are created by the bacteria.

Aside from relieving constipation, prunes also lowers cholesterol according to studies. It is really amazing to know that prunes for constipation is good for the heart too.

To put it accurately,a study that was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine establishes prunes ability to curb incidence of heart disease. The study’s subject was 10,000 Americans whose health was tracked for 19 years. The results were astounding- showing that those who consumed at least 21 grams of fiber a day had 12% less risk for cardiovascular disease. Eating prunes for constipation supports the over-all health of a person.

People can also choose to drink prune juice if they can’t eat prunes for constipation.When purchasing commercial prunes, check the box carefully for any signs of contamination or tampering. Keep the prunes in a dry and cool storage so it would not lose its moisture content over time. Since eating prunes for constipation is not just good for constipation, keep a box handy all the time.

Make prunes part of your daily diet.