When You Just Need To Be Your Regular Self

We’ve all been there. In fact we’ve all been there as infants too. Every adult human being at some stage experiences the discomfort of constipation. As kids we had one constipation treatment that my dear old Mother used to administer: castor oil. We despised the taste of it so much that we would lie about our excretory status. Truth is there have always been more viable options, better tasting options to be honest, that could have been utilized as constipation treatment.

Every once in a while you would find someone who has constipation to the extreme. We call them chronic constipation patients and there’s only one remedy for them: chronic constipation treatment. Now as I mentioned there were other constipation treatments that one could have used back in the day which would have been just as good if not better that my good old gran’s dose of castor oil.

One could eat a high fiber breakfast every morning and would intentionally be administering one of the greatest constipation treatment options there are. Constipation treatment itself is not an exact science. We have always known how to cure the minor ailments as a species of intelligent beings. Drinking ample water daily is considered to be constipation treatment. Eating plenty fruits and vegetables is also considered to be among the top constipation treatment options.

There are avid yoga practitioners who swear by yoga as an equally effective constipation treatment. There are individuals who practice meditation who say that the deep breathing employed in meditation is also a constipation treatment. There is a school of thought however those believe that constipation has nothing to do with digestion or bowel movement. They believe that constipation represents a block in one’s life, perhaps a block in your love life, or finances.

And until one frees oneself from that spiritual and mental block the body will not release toxins and will arrest the functions of the excretory system. These people see being freed spiritually or mentally from mental and spiritual blocks as constipation treatment.

What To Do If You Are Constipated

So what should one do should one finds oneself constipated? Firstly, consult your General Practitioner before just rushing to the pharmacy and getting a super laxative. Get tests done and see what is causing the blockage. Constipation treatment, although an uptight topic, is one that must be address without tension. Should your GP give you the go ahead to take something for your hard tummy, go ahead and make sure that you have a day off from work so that you can have the privacy you will definitely need.