Understanding the different causes of constipation in women

Medical studies shows that incidence of constipation between men and women shows a great disparity. In 1990, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was conducted that firmly supports these claim. The results of the study showed that women’s ratio to men in cases of constipation had a ratio of 2:1. Moreover, the findings also stated that older women experienced constipation twice as much. The conclusion from the study shows that women experience more constipation than men. Also, age matters because constipation ahs a higher incidence in older women. This article would point out some probable causes of constipation in women.

Expectant women are also affected by constipation as much as the elderly. During pregnancy, certain biological changes rapidly occurs at a woman’s body which can cause discomfort. A pregnant woman’s body secretes high levels of progesterone, which can be regarded as one of the possible causes of constiaption in women.Progesterone is normally released by the body since it is part of the gestation cycle. While a woman is pregnant,pregosterone levels are high to control milk production until labor. Yet, progesterone is attributed as one of the causes of constipation in women because it makes digestion slower. The best alternative to treat this situation is eating more fruits and vegetables that promotes better digestion and prevents constipation. It is also probable that women who are pregnant can developed weak floor pelvic muscles; thus,one of the causes of constipation in women. As the baby grows, the abdomen feels pressure from the weight. Moreover, women who do not undergo ceasarian operation can develop weak pelvic floor muscles.

Stress is also one of the psychological causes of constipation in women. When women give birth, their hormone levels drop low which can cause them much stress. On the other hand,women who pursue a caree and wear different hats can really feel stressed out. Definitely, this situation cause constipation in women. Nevertheless,constipation in women can simply be caused by daily bad habits that they practice. This includes a sedentary lifestyle and simply not drinking enough water. Regardless of gender, people who eat too much sugar can also be constipated. Truly, people should try to balance their life and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Good diet, regular exercise, and stress management techniques can provide better options than any medicinal preparation avaialable.