Chronic Constipation Medication: Often, The First Line Of Defense

A person that consistently (for more than two weeks) has difficulty in passing stool or who does not pass stool for this period of time more than thrice in a week is said to suffer from chronic constipation. Fortunately, you can choose from a number of options that will help to treat this condition and choosing chronic constipation medications is one option that is most often chosen.

Prevent The Problem From Occurring

The right chronic constipation diets can help prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. Such a diet also ensures that you don’t put on too much body weight and so helps to also prevent occurrence of chronic constipation.

Perhaps the best chronic constipation medication for your condition is malt soup extract that does not smell nice, but will mix with everything and will provide excellent results. Senokot is another chronic constipation medication option that is really a laxative that stimulates your bowels and is much the same as using another laxative which is Bisacodyl.

Miralax is another suitable chronic constipation medication that is tasteless as well as an osmotic laxative containing polyethylene glycol. By taking Miralax for two weeks or less you can expect to notice results including having a softer stool. However, to ensure that the stool remains soft it may also become necessary to give this and other chronic constipation medications for a longer period of time – say, for between four and six months.

Parents often make a common mistake in treating a child’s chronic constipation by discontinuing the chronic constipation medication once the child starts to pass stool. The risk is that if the chronic constipation medication is discontinued at the wrong time it could lead to relapse and so, it is better to consider the medication as a long term solution rather than an intermediate one.

Milk of magnesia is another common chronic constipation medication and this osmotic laxative that contains some magnesium hydroxide is quite effective for treating children. It is also wrong to assume that a ‘magic pill’ is available that will help solve all chronic constipation cases because often the best cures happen to be natural remedies.

As far as chronic constipation medication goes using Amitiza which is a medication approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and which helps to soften the patient’s stool by increasing amount of water in the bowels can be taken twice in a day along with your meals to get the desired results.

Cephula, Duphalac, Chronulac, Enulose and Constulose are prescription chronic constipation medications that help to draw some water into the bowels to soften up as well as loosen the stool. Miralax as well as Glycolax are also osmotic laxatives that ensure that water remains in the patient’s stool thereby softening up the stool and facilitating elimination.