How to treat asthmatic bronchitis

A great majority of people around the world suffer from asthma which is a typical respiratory disease that shows symptoms like wheezing, coughing, chest pain and dyspnea.Every year, the rate of asthma is increasing as reported by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of the United States. As revealed by the reports,asthma is responsible for 250,000 deaths in 2009. The main reason for asthma are triggers such as allergens and irritants which is caused by environmental pollution. However, asthma can also be hereditary in nature. Bronchial inflammation can be common in people with asthma. In most cases, asthma is severe thereby causing inflammation and clogging of the bronchi. This often results to asthmatic bronchitis.

What are the factors behind asthmatic bronchitis? There are numerous factors that can cause asthmatic bronchitis but the leading cause is tobacco smoking. When people start smoking, the respiratory lining as well as the immune system becomes weak and more susceptible to air substances like pollen, allergies and viruses. Once any of these substances gets into the body, the respiratory tract is impaired since it has been narrowed or obstructed. As a result, symptoms of asthmatic bronchitis are manifested. Because of this, it is valuable for people with asthma to strengthen their immune system and maintain healthy habits.

Asthmatic bronchitis symptoms is easily shown by coughing,difficulty in breathing and wheezing.The body tries to remove mucus from the lungs by coughing which can be very unpleasant but good for the body. Yet, the person feels bad since other symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, slight fever, watery eyes and chest pain are also felt. Asthmatic bronchitis can either be acute or chronic but regardless of the type, it is necessary for the person to take a rest and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Asthmatic bronchitis can be prevented in many ways. It is recommended to avoid alcoholic or caffeineated beverages and choose water or juices. A humid environment is also one way to prevent the occurrence of asthma. Medicines suggested by doctors such as antibiotics can prevent infections. Surely, quitting smoking including second hand smoke would help you avoid asthmatic bronchitis and other diseases.