Understanding Pelvic Pain in Women

Pelvic pain in women is an ordinary condition that may be caused by natural bodily processes or by problems in their reproductive system. This condition causes a lot of discomfort and distress among women particularly during sexual intercourse and periods. This article will discuss some of the important information about pelvic pain in women.

Pelvic pain in women from natural bodily processes may be a result of pregnancy, ovulation and period cramps. It is ordinary for women to feel pelvic pain with a little bit of bleeding during implantation. Pelvic pain also occurs later on in pregnancy, when the uterus stretches which is something that is called ligament pains. During ovulation, some women may also experience pelvic pain which is a condition that is called Mittelshmerz. The pain in this condition varies from being mild to intense. Lastly, menstrual cramps are one of the most ordinary causes of pelvic pain in women because of natural bodily processes. Also referred to as primary dysmenorrhea, this is brought about by the release of prostaglandins during menstruation which causes the uterus to contract.

Aside from natural bodily processes, pelvic pain in women may be caused by conditions in their reproductive system. These conditions are frequently chronic in nature, making them very hard to address. One example is vulvodinia which is a condition characterized by pain in the vulva or the external female genitals. The pain is often described as a burning or stinging sensation that has already lasted for three months or more.

One more example of condition that results in to pelvic pain in women is endometriosis. This condition is marked by a growing of the lining of the uterus outside of the uterus. There is a possibility for these tissues to become connected to different body parts like the bladder, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and intestines. These extra tissues, unlike those in the uterus, do not shed during menstruation, causing inflammatory response, scarring and adhesions.

Last but not the least, uterine fibroids is a condition that brings pelvic pain among women. In this condition, an abnormal but not cancerous growth of tissues occurs on the walls or outside of the uterus. While the main cause of this condition is unknown, some of the main factors that were found to have effects on the risk of having it were age, obesity, family history, diet and race.