Tennis elbow exercises : a must for tennis player

Tennis players all over the world find tennis as a very good way of keeping them in top form. Sad to say, repeated practice can also cause injuries that produces tennis elbow pain among players. It is extremely important for tennis players to do some stretching before hitting the ball. Stretching serves the function of warming muscles before exercising. Simple tennis elbow exercises can enhance strength and flexibility such as the following:

Wrist extensors stretches

The basic step in this exercise is keeping your elbow straight as much as possible. Using your injured hand, bend your wrist downward palm down as low as you can. A little help from the healthy hand can assist the bending of the wrist.

Hold still for 20 seconds and then release. There would be a light stretch along the top of your forearm and at the elbow. It is also possible to feel some pain.In cases where pain becomes severe, reduce the bending of you wrist because this shows too much strain. Do at least 10 times, twice a day.

Wrist flexor stretches

Repeat the whole routine of wrist extensor stretches. Try bending the wrist of the injured hand with some help from the other hand. The important thing is to stretch as much as you can for some of the movements involved. Perform the routine for 10 times,twice a day. Eventually, the slight pain felt at the beginning would be minimized as your hands get stronger and more flexible. Develop the habit and you would develop strength.

Squeezing a ball

This is known as a basic tennis elbow exercises that promotes wrist and forearm strength. Get a ball that you can squeeze, squeeze the ball as much as you can (with little or no pain) for 5 seconds and then relax. One of the best routines to strengthen your wrist and forearms. Repeat at least 10 times, twice a day.

Playing tennis would be a lot safer and enjoyable once you perform the stretching and strengthening exercises given above. Once you become stronger and develop flexibility, you would be able to prevent tennis elbow injuries.