Chronic Constipation Cause: A Few Common Causes

To enjoy vitality in health it is always necessary that you are able to regularly eliminate waste from the body because failure to do so can lead to constipation, which if it occurs regularly for more than two weeks, can become a chronic problem. To help you avoid chronic constipation requires taking important steps such as monitoring triggers and doing your best to avoid these triggers from becoming a chronic constipation cause.

Reduce Stress Levels

When it concerns finding chronic constipation cure your best bet is to reduce stress levels because stress is a major chronic constipation cause. Even chronic dehydrations is a major reason why people suffer from chronic constipation and this is why drinking copious amounts of water each day can help prevent the condition from arising.

Unfortunately, there are so many chronic constipation causes to learn about that you would be hard pressed to keep track of all of them. Nevertheless, it pays to understand the different chronic constipation causes and then you will need to work to remedy them. People that travel long distances or who sit for long periods of time like when working before a computer for hours on end are likely to suffer from constipation, which can then turn chronic.

A person that is under tremendous stress for a week or more or who eats under emotional stress can also become a victim of chronic constipation. Even insomnia is considered a chronic constipation cause and the same goes for eating of red meat; especially, when you eat such meat for more than once in a week.

Another possible chronic constipation cause is eating flour products (refined) more than once in a week because these foods contain something that is like glue which can impede proper bowel movement. Cheese too has been cited as a possible chronic constipation cause; especially, when consumed more than once in any given week.

Fried foods as well as foods loaded with refined sugar are also cited as chronic constipation causes; refined sugar makes the person hold his or her food in the colon for longer than is necessary and this causes putrefaction that in turn leads to too much gas as well as bloating – thereby causing constipation, and even chronic constipation.

There are also some foods that are a natural recipe for chronic constipation with red meat being the main culprit – because it is not easily digestible. Consuming foods with high fiber content and not also drinking adequate amounts of water too are common chronic constipation causes because your body needs water to break down the fiber which otherwise would turn hard and dry and therefore becomes difficult to eliminate.