Pushing For A Breakthrough

A gentle heartbeat! A warm cozy nook! He’s watched with marvel as little cellular balls took shape and developed into the limbs he now so animatedly plays with. It’s been 9 months since he can remember being aware of his surroundings. He feels a slight pressure on his head and pays it no mind. And then he feels another, but a little more forceful this time.

He begins to shift position. He feels as though he is falling forward. He’s turning. He becomes aware of voices. Voice that he is not unfamiliar with. He hears the soft gentle voice strain and make a loud noise. He hears it again. He hears audible sounds but can’t make sense of them. The screaming gets louder and the pressure on his body gets really intense. He’s free falling now. He sees a light in front of him.

And in an instant a bright light and huge figures standing around him greet him. He is in shock as he holds his breath. He feels a burning sting on his behind and lets out a loud, strong scream. He is born. He doesn’t remember the trauma of his birth, he only sees and hears the wonders of this new world of his. He has grown quite a bit and no longer suckles from his mother.

He’s growing; his dad calls him a big boy now. He’s eating big boy food now. But it gives him trouble. He can’t get that satisfaction that he used to when he used to push in his nappie before. Now he gets stomach pains and the doctors are calling it infant constipation. But do they have any idea what this infant constipation is actually about. Are they feeling the discomfort that he does? He doesn’t think so, so perhaps it shouldn’t be called infant constipation but rather infant nightmare.

He feels bloated all the time because of this infant constipation. They prescribe all sorts of wonderful remedies to alleviate the discomfort that comes with his infant constipation but nothing works. Does anyone have an infant constipation treatment for him? He wonders how long he has to endure this dreaded infant constipation. Why has this horrid infant constipation chosen to afflict him? He despises it, it makes him cry. Darned infant constipation. He abhors it.

But one fine day, his mom gives him a cold, very bitter liquid and promises him that it will end his ordeal with the detestable infant constipation that has plagued him for so long. He farts, and smiles. He’s cured.

Dealing With Infant Constipation

There are a number of pediatric drugs that can be described for the discomfort caused by infant constipation. One needs to consult a pediatrician for the correct prescription for infant constipation.