The Best Pregnancy Constipation Remedies

When you are waiting for your bundle of joy, you may experience a rash of annoying symptoms and constipation is often one of them.  During pregnancy, the digestive system becomes sluggish and water is then absorbed from the waste.  As a result, the stools are drier and harder to pass through.  Furthermore, as the uterus grows it pushes down on the bowels and cause more constipation.  Not to mention pregnant women take prenatal vitamins which contain a high amount of iron, which can also cause constipation.  The only way to lessen the painful symptoms and discomfort of this embarrassing condition is by making some lifestyle changes which are your best pregnancy constipation remedy.

The Importance of Diet, Exercise, and Fluids

Exercise is an important pregnancy constipation remedy.  Doing kiegel exercises during pregnancy is helpful in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.  This is very beneficial for the act of pushing during childbirth itself and as an added benefit it will help you move your bowels out more easily.  Daily aerobic exercise is also important to stay healthy during pregnancy and keep your bowel movements regular.

It is very easy to become dehydrated during pregnancy and dehydration can lead to constipation.  Six to eight glasses per day of fluids are recommended for adults and more if you are constipated already.  Avoid soft drinks and caffeinated drinks because they can promote fluid loss.  Water, herbal teas, vegetables juice, fruit juice, and clear soup are good choices.
A diet rich in fiber is an excellent pregnancy constipation remedy because the colon uses fiber to make up the bulk of the stools.  If the stools are not bulky enough they will not move quickly enough through the digestive tract and become dry.  The bowels will move sluggishly if you don’t consume enough foods high in soluble fiber.  Foods high in soluble fiber include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cereals.

Pregnancy Constipation Remedy Not To

Be careful not to rely on laxatives in order to treat constipation during pregnancy.  Laxatives are not a good pregnancy constipation remedy because many people come to rely on them to have a bowel movement even after childbirth.  Instead, make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and so you can treat constipation effectively.  So what are you waiting for?  Don’t let constipation during pregnancy take away the joy of these wonderful nine months.  Make some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle so you can enjoy yourself and above all, feel great.