Infant Constipation Formula – Solution To A Tiny Problem

Constipation is a common condition in many infants and children. Constipation occurs when stool, usually hard, passes less frequently. It can be painful and uncomfortable during a bowel movement. Constipation is also a result of the colon which is the large intestine absorbing too much fecal water.

It is usually heart sore for a mother to see her baby experience constipation, as this can be a difficult process for a little baby with the stool being so hard and sometimes larger than usual. Breastfed babies very rarely become constipated as they have many helpful bacteria’s in the large intestine that break done the indigestible proteins found in milk. In addition, they have a higher level of the hormone called motiline that increases the movement of the bowel.

However, breastfed infant constipation is not entirely impossible. This usually occurs when the infant starts to be introduced to solids. The amount and appearance of there stool as well as constipation will depend on the type of foods they eat. Bottle fed babies on the other hand are more likely to experience infant constipation as formula milk is harder to digest. Often, some mothers suspect that their babies are constipated if the infant poops less frequently when in fact this is not true.

What must be remembered is that it is equally normal for a young baby to have a bowel movement several times a day or as little as once a week. If one is absolutely sure that it is indeed infant constipation, there are various ways in which one can relief the baby from constipation. These include rubbing baby’s tummy or feeding the infant more water. There are also infant constipation formulas available.

Finding A Suitable Infant Constipation Formula For Your Baby

The best infant constipation formula available on the market is Novalac Constipation Formula. What does Novalac contain and what makes it such an effective infant constipation formulas? Well, it consists of various nutrients that help maintain the movement of food through the baby’s intestines and also helps to retain water in the stools.

More specifically Novalac Constipation Formula contains increased lactose, which reduces pH to stimulate intestinal motility and raises osmotic load to increase water content of the stools and increase transit time. This infant constipation formula has been created specifically for the relief of constipation in babies and is not suitable for general use. It should be used under medical supervision and proper use of the formula is important.