Baby Constipation Issues And Ways To Avoid Them

Baby constipation is a major concern that must be managed by new mothers. It is disturbing for mothers to watch their babies straining hard to pass stool; moreover, the babies cry most of the time due to the pain and discomfort. Baby constipation can also cause babies to strain when passing hard fecal matter making their face turn red. If you want your infant to be spared from constipation woes, try to understand factors that cause baby constipation. The primary source of nutrition for infants is milk; either by bottle or breast-feeding. Even at this point, baby constipation issues arise because some studies suggest that bottle-fed babies have higher incidence of baby constipation. This is partly attributed to lactose intolerance inherent in the baby himself. There are also cases wherein the baby is already lactose-intolerant from the start. Hence,breast-feeding is more preferable than bottle-feeding to avoid baby constipation problems.

Solid food is slowly introduced after a few months, which causes a sudden shift in the diet. As the digestive system shifts to absorbing solid food, it is expected that the baby would be more susceptible to constipation. The type of diet given to babies can cause constipation, for example: too much dairy products, low fiber food, bananas, applesauce, pasta, cereals and even potatoes.

Try not to give the baby any form of starchy food to prevent colic and stomach ache.A good suggestion is to dilute prune or apple juice with water. Give this to the baby twice a day. Baby constipation can also be addressed prunes because it contains high amount of fiber that can boost the efficiency of digestion.

When the baby is constipated, try some tummy massage. This is as simple as rubbing the baby’s tummy in a circular motion. After the warm bath session, give the baby a good tummy massage. According to some doctors, the warm bath is relaxing which can ease the tummy to eliminate waste. Try to make the baby’s system move by making the child do some leg exercise.

It is very important then for mothers to monitor their babies diet to prevent baby constipation. At the same time, mothers can browse on the Internet to get hold of reading materials about constipation so they can be well-prepared. Lastly, schedule a check-up with the child’s doctor as soon as symptoms become worse.