Finding Natural Constipation Relief: Your Options

If you are constipated and you want to get help for it and get back to feeling healthy but you do not want to have to rely on prescription medicines, you should know that you do always have the option of using natural constipation relief products.

You can find natural constipation relief products that offer fast relief for constipation, and you just need to make sure that you use the right products.

Natural Laxative Smooth Oral

This is certainly one of the most popular options for natural constipation relief. You take this medication by mouth 1 to 3 times daily as directed on the product package, but if your doctor has recommended specific dosage instructions then of course you will want to follow these. For instance they may tell you to take more or less than the suggested dosage as listed on the product.

You want to make sure that you take each dose with a large glass of liquid and if you are taking the chewable tablets or wafers you want to chew them and then completely swallow them, also with a glass of water.

Remember that the dosage will be based on your age, medical condition and response to treatment.

Senokot S Natural Source Laxative Plus Softener

This is another great option you may want to try for natural constipation relief. This is used for comfortable overnight relief of occasional constipation, and it is a unique formula that also contains a stool softener and which has proven to work very effectively. Recommended by doctors and pharmacists, if you want relief from your constipation without having to use prescription medicines, this is a great choice.

Of course the best natural constipation relief of all is to make a serious change in your diet and exercise routine. By eating foods that are high in fiber, drinking lots of water, and exercising on a regular basis, you will not only be taking care of the constipation problem that you have now but as well avoiding it from recurring in the future.

Talk to your doctor and get more advice on this, and remember that if you are eating properly and are in a healthy state, you will not be constipated. This can be more than just an uncomfortable health problem, and in fact can lead to more serious things if left untreated. If you find that you are becoming constipated time and time again, there may be more serious health problems at play.