Adult vs. Infant Constipation Relief

Being an adult and knowing that you are constipated by stress or foods that you have pigged out on are still not a laughing matter. You will still suffer one way or the other. So if you were suffering so badly in your opinion, wouldn’t a baby be suffering more, and need for infant constipation relief would be more urgent? Babies mainly dispose of waste matters due to the fact that their little bellies are full, and it has to go somewhere, and the nappy seems to be the most obvious place.

But when there is a traffic jam, help is readily on hand, literally. Depositing a suppository! It would be the fastest way of getting infant constipation relief. It wont be a messy situation, as everything is blocked, just make sure you still use the disposable glove when doing this. Just for precautionary measure!

To begin the project, lay baby face up. Lift legs up, and proceed. We know you already dread changing the worst of nappies but this is needed for the infant constipation relief. Keep the legs up for a short while till the wax melts, and he will squirm, as it is painful and unpleasant, and the need for it to be projected out is even more.
Think Mom! –Bring Me My Infant Constipation Relief, Now!
Now the soya milk formula could very well be the reason for the cause of all the traffic jams, it is a possibility, as it doesn’t agree with him one way or the other. So is there truly an infant constipation formula, doubt it very much? The only infant constipation formula available would be in the form of medication, lactose, or glycerin. Have you seen any infant constipation formula on the shelf? And if where, please let other mums know. Considering how much milk a baby requires, but the thought of having a constant liquid nappy is disastrous.

The thought of having instant infant constipation relief in the tin would seem weird; do they add a pro-biotic culture to the formula? And would it be safe? Isn’t it too much, too soon in a new baby’s life? The need is there for most babies. They can’t add bran or too harsh chemicals as they too may have adverse affects. So what? Think mom! Is there hope out there for infant constipation relief in the same tin as the formula?

Still doubting it? Yes, we just have to wait for the scientists to analyze it and send the recipe off for manufacturing.  The world would be a quieter place instantly and for longer periods of time. We just have to find a way to solve the issue of babies crying for the rest of their needs.