Help With Finding The Most Pleasant Infant Constipation Remedy

Here we go again, in the proverbial nappy again, and on the hunt for the fastest infant constipation remedy.  Does this process ever stop? Nope, not for anybody, even less an infant. So how to do we fix this and where do we find the most pleasant infant constipation remedy on the market? Do you run with your baby under the arm like a hooligan off to the nearest pharmacy or not?

Do you get on the phone with your mother or sisters who have had way too much experience in this, due to them having their own homegrown kindergardens? Who, what, how, and when is this going to stop? The questions keep on running through your mind as the infant keeps screaming for some kind of relief. Anybody out there just give me my infant constipation remedy! Please!
Your mom says to you that you must give the baby sugar with boiled water, just a teaspoon, or two, as this loosens the stools and it is the safest home brew for infant constipation relief. She tells you to rub his little tummy in circles clockwise, to get the motions moving. These were just two of her most helpful infant constipation remedy options for her child, which has simmered down to a slow panic. The results will be deposited later in the diaper for her to see.
Shoving Medication Down The Hatch!
Forget all those ugly tasting fluids like cod liver oil and the likes; you will never be able to get that down the hatch of a tiny baby. Glycerin would work better and is safer as an infant constipation remedy than cod liver oil.
Oral medication would not be the only infant constipation remedy on the market, there are suppositories too, but could land up being very painful, and awkward to do.
You definitely wouldn’t want a stranger shoving stuff up your rear, so how do you think the baby feels? It doesn’t even know what is happening, and just cries out in pain. And as an adult, the infant constipation remedy would not work on you, as you would have to take copious amounts to soothe your hardened stomach.

Now that that got sorted out in a jiffy, or a nappy, you could opt on giving your baby natural foods that wouldn’t get his tiny tummy in a knot and keeping him regular too.  The apple deserts you would have given him would be one of the main causes of constipation, as there is so much pectin in it that just binds everything. So, a little bit less please mommy!